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“I’m even more passionate about acupuncture today than when I qualified 12 years ago. It’s a real privilege to have people from all walks of life come into my clinic that are troubled by ailments and health concerns and experience physical and emotional relief.  Whether they come for short-term treatments or year-after-year, the common thread is empowering people to experience a better quality of life. I can’t think of any greater purpose or more rewarding way to be part of the local community”
Amanda Rothwell

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In the heart of Glastonbury between the Abbey and Chalice Hill

Ancient Art

Acupuncture has been used for 2000 years because it follows tried and tested methods

Modern Science

Nowadays,  there’s decades of extensive research into the use of Traditional Acupuncture for many health problems

Acupuncture for General Conditions

Find information on specific health conditions and also what acupuncture is most commonly used for ? 

Acupuncture for Fertility

Get superb support and treatment to optimise the possibility of conceiving

Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Help during the precious months of growing new life

Back Care and Musculoskeletal Clinic

Removal of pain and restoration of mobility is one of the most popular uses of Acupuncture

“Amanda is a very collaborative, deeply committed and highly perceptive health practitioner. I sleep better today than I have in 20 years that I directly attribute to the work we’ve done together ”

Andrew Brown

Retired Teacher

“I’ve been going to Amanda for over 7 years now and can’t imagine acupuncture not being part of my health regime. She has worked miracles on specific pain points but also aided my overall energy levels enormously as I’ve aged. She is caring and very invested in your overall wellbeing. I can’t recommend her services highly enough”

Marilyn Rance 

I am a Member of the British Acupuncture Council
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