Acupuncture is a core component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been used safely and effectively for thousands of years. Its central premise is that all living beings are infused with a Vital Energy, ‘Qi’ (Chi).

Good physical and emotional health exists when Qi is in balance in both mind and body. Ill-health is caused by blockages or imbalances in the flow of Qi. This is the simplest of principles yet holds infinite possibilities for change. 


Acupuncture treatment begins with an extended consultation during which you will be asked about your symptoms, medical history, dietary habits, sleeping patterns and emotional state. I will feel the pulse in both wrists and look at the appearance of your tongue to get an idea of the patterns of imbalance from a Chinese medical perspective.


After diagnosis I work to restore your systems natural vital equilibrium, by inserting disposable ultra-fine sterile needles in precisely located acupuncture points which lie just below the surface of the skin. The needles sometimes cause a slight tingling sensation. After treatment, people often feel very relaxed while the body and mind adjust to a more balanced state.


Acupuncture seeks to remedy deeper energetic imbalance, as well as alleviating specific symptoms and often results in subtle experiences of innate well-being. Clients often report increased energy levels, a heartier appetite and fewer cravings as a consequences of treatment. Some say they feel more able to live life as their true selves.


A course of six weekly treatments following diagnosis is the optimal way to receive acupuncture, after which you should expect significant improvements to your health. Many people continue with monthly or seasonal treatments in order to maintain this enhanced quality of life.

5 Element Constitutional Acupuncture

A branch of Chinese Medicine,  used specifically to harmonise the emotions and promote a sense of familiarity and ease, being centred in one’s self.

It can produce marked improvement,  in both physical, mental  and emotional health from the most simple of treatments.

In essence, due to life’s stresses and strains and perhaps beyond these, traumatic experiences during childhood, we each have a tendency to go out of balance in a specific way, which can be associated with one, or more, of the 5 Elements depicted ; namely Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Lifestyle Choices- Nourishment of Life

Modern life can be full of many pressures and such an array of choices.  

As part of Traditional Acupuncture consultation,   aspects of lifestyle are considered. In some cases habits surrounding diet, exercise, sleep may contributing to poor health .

Amanda Rothwell will give feedback about lifestyle choices and changes that will enhance your vital energy and support improvement of your health alongside receiving acupuncture.

Many people find this very positive and a big boost towards developing good self care.


Quality and quanity are so important when it comes to sleep.  When this is achieved, deep healing and restoration happen throughout the night.


Fresh , natural foods provide us with the wholehearted nourishment we need. Specific advice will be given depending on the health conditions which are at play.


Chinese medicine advises gentle, yet mobilising is seen as the ideal approach to exercise. This can have a profoundly strengthening and energising effect on the whole system.


As our world becomes increasingly busy and demanding, alongside all of the technology advances each year , achieving counter balancing states that ease and soothe our nervous systems is essential.