Acupuncture is used all over the world-

for a wide range of health conditions

Chinese medicine always takes an individual and holistic approach, because in truth, no two health disorders or individuals are ever the same.  

Nevertheless  , in order to investigate  acupunctures’  benefits, therapeutic trials, focus on and are organised according to disease categories, i.e. headaches, menstrual discomfort . Nowadays, we are fortunate to have decades of Research to hand. 


Yet , Chinese medicine has so much more to offer than just eradication of signs and symptoms, as it’s a complete system of health restoration and preservation.Therefore, guidelines regarding Life style choices , also make up a good treatment plan.

 Once patterns have been reversed, Traditional Acupuncture offers a preventative approach, the Health Maintenance Programme. 


Looking for information on specific health conditions?

The British Acupuncture Council holds extensive information about specific conditions
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Health Maintenance Programme

“The sages of antiquity did not treat those who were already sick; they instructed those who were not yet sick”  Huangdi Neijing

Acupuncture was historically used as preventative insurance against illness.  According to historians, ancient Chinese physicians could only accept payment for their services, should their patients stay completely well.  There is great wisdom in  this approach and indeed, it’s where Chinese Medicine comes into it’s own.

I relish my monthly acupuncture.  It’s time to check in with life, get energy levels boosted, relax really deeply , and keep the aches and pains at bay 

Louise Robinson


The Health Maintenance Programme is inspired by people who have resolved health problems, via a course of acupuncture , and who want to keep those conditions at bay. 

Because of the stress and strain of modern life, we all tend to drift into characteristic unbalanced states, despite our best intentions to look after ourselves.

Monthly acupuncture treatments enables these imbalances to be readily corrected, keeping chronic conditions regulated and preventing more severe disease developing. They also ease the transitions between the seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn in the United Kingdom.

When a trusted and familiar relationship has been built up over time, people find attending regular acupuncture with Amanda an enjoyable and positively self nurturing practice . It all goes towards developing self understanding and putting into practice tried and tested self care.

Amanda Rothwell will confer and give feedback regarding suggested lifestyle choices and changes that will enhance your vital energy, maintain equilibrium in your life and support improvement of your health alongside receiving acupuncture.

Many people find this very positive and a big boost towards developing great self care.

Receive a FREE treatment for every 6 attended

As a bonus when commiting to the Health Maintenance Programme. This ensures acute situations such as colds and coughs , or injuries, can be attended to immediately should they arise at no extra cost.

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